Greenworks gives me the opportunity to market a financial product that enhances businesses and the environment. Adam Moskowitz

Marketing Manager

Adam’s Greenworks Story

As Greenworks Lending’s Marketing Manager, Adam Moskowitz leads the development and implementation of communication and brand strategies that connect contractors and business owners to the benefits of C-PACE.

Early in his career, Adam supported the founding executive team of Signature Bank by managing marketing communications and brand development as the bank prepared to open in 2000.  By the time of his departure in 2008, Signature had grown to $7B in assets. He then helped the founding executive team of Herald National Bank fund its formation and developed its marketing strategies prior to the bank’s acquisition in 2010. Next, Moskowitz joined Gravity Media, a multicultural marketing agency, where he serviced a number of the agency’s financial services accounts including banks, insurance companies and a debt consolidation firm.

A desire to make a social impact via his professional life and a love of tennis next led Moskowitz to raise money and awareness for the Philadelphia-based charity, Legacy Youth Tennis and Education. He joined Greenworks in early 2017 to take on a role that he considers the intersection of financial services and social impact. 

Moskowitz holds a BA from Virginia Wesleyan College and an MBA from (of all appropriately named places) PACE University.

Adam (left) with Gerard Neely, Market Activation and Policy Manager for Greenworks Lending.