We have created a specialty firm that has an incredible ability to improve commercial properties, strenghten businesses and help communities. 

Ali Cooley

COO & Co-founder

Ali’s Greenworks Story

Alexandra “Ali” Cooley has been passionate about the natural environment since she can remember. In co-founding Greenworks Lending to expand small business access to funding for clean energy projects, she has channeled her passions to positively affect the environment while supporting the growth of small businesses locally and across the nation.

Ali’s commitment to the clean energy sector was cemented through her prior professional experience, where she traveled extensively through the developing world and analyzed traditional energy infrastructure projects and how policy, as well as market shifts influenced investor returns. The deeper she got into the work, the more she realized she was missing a connection between her day-to-day work and the issues she cared most about solving. She returned to the States and entered Yale University’s joint MBA/Environmental Management program with a focus on the intersection of public energy policy and finance, where she gained perspective on how the government can lay the foundation to create private enterprises that solve environmental and energy issues without overly burdening taxpayers.

After Yale, she joined the Connecticut Green Bank, where she oversaw and managed the development of over $100M in financial products for deploying clean energy in the state using mostly private capital. One of the initiatives she worked on was developing and implementing the underwriting criteria and capital markets strategy for the award-winning CT C-PACE program. There she found common ground with Jessica Bailey, who was leading Green Bank initiatives in the commercial real estate sector. In their time at the Green Bank, Jessica and Ali discovered how C-PACE could be transformative in unlocking clean energy upgrades in the commercial real estate market.

Jessica and Ali founded Greenworks Lending in 2015 to scale C-PACE and bring the benefits C-PACE financing offers to building owners across the country.

Alexandra Cooley (right) pictured with Liddy Karter of Enhanced Capital Partners , was honored by Westfair Communications Inc as one of the 2017 Fairfield County CFOs of the Year.